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• Responding to ethical pressures Corporate social responsibility of company’s response is growing pressure on the management to take into account ethical concerns. So managers of Kfc Company they have the ethical pressure as they have to make sure they are engaged in a moral and also on the right track. The benefits to the KFC when the moral response is that they are doing business the right way and follow the laws and regulations. The disadvantage of KFC moral response is that it would be difficult for them to be on top of morality. • Implementing ethical practices Some well-known names have begun to implement the moral position on the issues that affect us all. For example, working with consumer walker’s change in their mind as they make…show more content…
Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations that are directly affected by the activity of the business can be internal and external. Internal stakeholder are the group of people within the business who work directly within the business such as owner, manager, employee and investors while External stakeholder are the group of people from outside the business who not directly working within the business such as government, customers, shareholders and suppliers etc. Employees: Are one example of the stakeholders in the KFC Company. Employees they are the people who implement the policies at work. Hence apart from processing and planning different plans for the company’s production and distribution, they play a big role in creating the right ethical behavior and enforcing it and also are the one who help the company to improve and strive for their goals. An employee’s main interest is good wages for the work and hours they do, salaries and to be treated equally and fairly to other workers. They are also interested in Job securities and promotion opportunities. Kfc employees should be treated well so as to not lose them. They should be given rewards for their good performance on a certain task given or they should motivate them in good way. By doing this, companies will not lose any of their employees…show more content…
It is committed to "equal opportunities policy" by recruitment and selection, through training and development, evaluation and promotion for retirement. Human resource management promotes free from discrimination and victimization environment where everyone is treated equally regardless of age, religion, or belief, marriage or personal status partner, nationality, sexual orientation ,race, or gender, or disability, or maternity / pregnancy and inability. When there is discrimination in Kfc Company, the employees will have hatred among each other, and this will bring major effect to the business. There will be low productivity because people will lose interest in working hard due to the feeling of disgruntled. Kfc’s HR team bases its decision on hiring practices, free from bias and depends only on labor standards and individual performance. Human resources are also very responsive to customers and communities needs and demands, and it aims to respond as moral as they

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