Disadvantages Of Knowledge Based System

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Knowledge based systems are a branch of artificial intelligence, which is a computer program that attempts to replicate the reasoning processes of a human expert and it can make decisions and recommendations and perform tasks based on user input. Artificial Intelligence is all about how to make the system think, or act like human. The expert`s knowledge is available when the human expert might not be and so that the knowledge can be available at all times and in many places, as necessary. Expert systems derive their input for decision making from prompts at the user interface, or from data files stored on the computer (Mahamana et al, 2003; Vinaya, 2006). The main concern of artificial intelligence is to enable computers to behave like human beings and imitate the reasoning power of humans to do tasks that necessitate human being's intelligence by making machines smarter, which is a primary goal, understand what intelligence is all about make machines more intelligent and useful(Connelly, 1987; Spackman) and(Forsythe D., 1993).…show more content…
Knowledge based systems enable expert knowledge to be accessed all the time when the system is on, even when an expert is unavailable. KBS gives a privilege to provide a means to preserve information when the expert retires (Schipper, 2008).Knowledge plays a great role in KBS development in that it is a subjective interpretation of information in effort to recognize the applications and approach to act upon in the mind of perceiver. It attaches purpose and competence to information, resulting in the potential to generate action (Rajendra and Priti S ,
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