Disadvantages Of Knowledge Management

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The term ‘knowledge’ has two characteristics whether they can be tacit or explicit. Both types require various strategies in order to satisfy the certain type. Knowledge management is a collaborative and integrated approach to the creation, capture, organisation, access, and use of an enterprise’s intellectual assets. Many people accept today we are in a knowledge age (Wichert, 2014). Knowledge is treated as a valuable competitive advantage, and the intellectual asset buy more and more business. Oxford dictionaries gave the definition of knowledge: facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education. Moreover, knowledge has some distinctive characteristics (Sandri, Sànchez-Marrè and Cortés, 2009) that lead difficulties…show more content…
The IBM supercomputer, Watson, should be the most impressive example. Artificial intelligence has more than one definition as experts define it under different perspectives. Generally speaking, Artificial Intelligence systems are the systems think and act like human and rationally. Because of the natural of knowledge management and artificial intelligence, it is common to join them together (Anwer and Feamster, 2010).
Another challenge is to distil the practice of knowledge management into one neat concept. Artificial intelligence helps improving the exactitude of case-based reasoning with unstructured tasks, however, no marginal effects on increase the accuracy of rule-based reasoning with structure tasks (Murthy, 2010).
This dissertation is written on the purpose of discovering the role of Artificial Intelligence in the knowledge management. It will discover the complete vision which will embed the history to the future of Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge management. This research offers truth worthy and narrows analysis particularly on unstructured knowledge management. These findings are applicable to other research
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This defines that every research study holds a meaning in terms of being implemented in the real world. For the implementation of this research study, it is critical to determine the points which may provide support for conducting the research. The foremost element required for the implementation of this research is to gather good literature that has been added on the current subject. A strong rationale helps in developing a good research study and it supports in influencing and control the research budgets. Changes of knowledge management may result enhancement the workplace, the management and operational practices. Development of artificial intelligence technologies will influence future changes in knowledge management
The rational of the study is very important as it gives the motive to the research for identifying the evolution of Artificial Intelligence in knowledge management. It is the very first paper to mention the segmentation capability and the destruction capability. It gives fresh ideas and theories to the knowledge management field. There has been little attempting about what will be the trend of implications that artificial intelligence may give to the knowledge management. Together with the questions on the current level of impactions are also
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