Disadvantages Of Labour Hire

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How Labour Hire Is Changing Employment In Australia?

Labour hire is an indirect form of employment relationship, where an agency supplies workers for working at a workplace, controlled by a third party, usually in return for some kind of fee, from the host. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, these were the predominant occupations of the labour hire workers, in 2008:

Predominant Occupations
Rank Men Women
1 Technicians and Trade Workers Clerical and Administrative Workers
2 Machinery Operators and Drivers Professionals
3 Labourers Other Occupations
4 Professionals

Why There Has Been A Shift Towards Labour Hire?

Gradually the use of labour hire agencies has increased in industries like construction, mining, promotions and
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The short-term jobs often allow employees, to balance labour hire work along with other jobs, family life, studies and other activities. The flexibility helps labour hire workers gain additional income, without having adverse effects, on other aspects of life.
 Gaining Work Experience With A Range Of Employers
There is one more benefit of gaining employment through a labour hire agency, and that is that workers are able to gain a broad range of work experience, from a variety of companies. This allows workers to build a more robust career history, helping make the worker highly employable and more attractive than other candidates, for future positions.
 Getting The Job Opportunity Directly
Workers sign up for a hire agency and after this have the advantage that, the jobs specific to their qualification, knowledge and skills are available directly to them, through the agency services. There is no need to spend more time, on other job listings. The agency services also help in a higher success rate, with the applications.
Labour Hire
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A good way to increase competitiveness is optimization of, the use of labour. Labour hire has helped many firms, to achieve this objective.

• On the contrary there are changes which have contributed to the slowed growth of labour hire, between 1990 and 2002:
 The introduction of new technology leads to a decrease, in the likelihood of using labour hire.
 A change in structure of the economy: slower growth of manufacturing, along with other intensive users of labour hire employment, relative to other economy sectors, lead to slow growth of labour hire sector.
Concluding Remarks:
Thus, we see that the demand for labour hire is on the rise, in the Australia region. The reason for this increase is that, labour hire has many advantages for both the businesses and employees. Looking at the trends, we can predict that labour hire services will continue to be in demand in the future times to come and many people will be able to avail their benefits.
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