Disadvantages Of Lack Of Education

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Priority One: Education Every student is different, and they are unique in their own way. They deserve an equal and good education in a positive environment. A good education will affect generations after one another. In the Mississippi Delta, some students are denied a good education, because of poverty or racial tensions. A bad education will set up the students in the Mississippi Delta who are faced with poverty to seek failure later on in life. This will soon create a domino effect, generation after generation. Other residents in the Mississippi Delta were sent to private institutions, because their parents did not want them to attend an integrated school. Because of the Mississippi Delta’s lack of educational opportunities, students face disadvantages that negatively affect their life. The poor quality of the education system will result in devastating consequences in the Mississippi Delta. In 1896, the United States Supreme Court issued that “separate but equal” was allowed. (Williams) Students were forced into separate schools not based on their academic scores, but by the color of their skin. African Americans were forced into underfunded schools with teacher shortages, while white students were put into private schools. In an interview with Richard Grant, author of Dispatches form Pluto, he mentioned, “those in poverty do not have the opportunity to get an education.” The Mississippi Delta is one of the poorest regions not only in Mississippi, but also in the
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