Delegative Leadership Style

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Leadership is the most important term in the organizations management. It is the ability of the leader to make sound decisions and inspires organization’s employees to well performance. Effective leaders are able to direct their people to achieve organization’s goals. He/she has ability to take fast and good decisions even in very critical situation to out from organization competition. There are some traits, skills and styles for good leaders. Some of them naturally they have them and some of them they should be improve to success. (Sadler, 2003) Leadership style is the way of motivating organization's people, direct them, implementing plans. There are three major leadership styles: authoritarian or autocratic, participative or democratic…show more content…
The style use is leader when the employees have good ability and experience to take the decision. It is very good way to give them a trust to make decision but should be using it wisely. I don’t think it is easy to find the style in the leader may be in some moment but who stick with this style is very difficult because it is need high quality of leader and employee but if it available of course will be very good thing. The good leaders should use all three styles according to the condition of the organization with one dominant, bad leaders tend to stick with one style which is mostly autocratic style. (Lewis, 1993) Leadership skills are ability of leader to guide the employee toward goals achievement. Leadership skills include honesty, commitment, confidence, and the ability to creativity, the ability to delegate and communicate effectively with others. I think each leader at least must exhibiting leadership skills, even if he hasn't them. By time this way will help him to improve leadership skills. It will become as naturally. It is will help to reach highest productivity. There are many leadership traits that are enabling the leader to help the employees to achieve business goals of organization. Like emotional stability, dominance, enthusiasm, conscientiousness, social boldness, charisma and so
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