Disadvantages Of Library Research

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With the emergence of the internet and associated technologies, in particular the World Wide Web has opened up an entirely new medium for providing improved information services and resources for the users. Library services provided by using web technology are referred as web based library services. The present paper mainly discusses that what are the web based library services, their features, advantages and disadvantages. Different web based services i.e. library webpage, Web OPAC, ask-a-librarian, email have been highlighted.
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It is a way of accessing integrated information in the form of web pages over the medium of internet with the help of web browsers. According to (Jeyshankar, 2009) World Wide Web is a global network of internet servers which provides access to interlinked documents locally and remotely. It is a vast network of linked hypertext files stored on computers throughout the world that can provide computer users’ with information on a huge variety of subjects. The information can be in the form of regular text, hypertext, pictures, sounds, use net news groups and other types of data. To access such information from web use client program is necessary like Internet explorer, fire fox, etc. Web uses http protocol language over the internet to transmit data. In the web each web page can hold not only information but also links to other pages. In each page a particular word or group of words are highlighted and there is a link between the highlighted item and other information, this is called…show more content…
According to (Madhusudhan, 2012) “Web based Library Services means library services provided using internet as medium and library website as a gateway with the help of integrate library management system.” (White, 2001) has defined web based services as an information service in which users ask questions via electronic means e.g. email or web forms. Web based library services provides users with the convenience of accessing information in their own time, saving them travelling cost and time and new options for answering reference questions. The provision of these services is not constrained by the traditional opening hours but can be offered on a 24

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