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My research topic for ENG 114 is “Should the Malaysian government implement mandatory vaccination?”. In order to complete the research topic that I chose, I had read up on a few reports and articles regarding the topic of mandatory vaccination available on the Internet. Thus, in order to validate the information that I obtained, a web evaluation of the article that I chose is necessary. The article that I chose for web evaluation is an article that I obtained from a government website, entitled “Vaccine Mandates: The Public Health Imperative and Individual Rights”. The article touched upon the impact of vaccines in effectively decreasing the cases of infectious diseases in the United States, the role of mandatory vaccination in accomplishing…show more content…
This article states the reasoning behind the implementation of mandatory vaccination and the positive impacts towards the society following the implementation of the plan. However, the article also acknowledges that there are also some risks present in the vaccination and immunisation process that may result in health complications or even death. It also discusses the subject of the mandatory vaccination in regards to the constitutional and private rights of an individual. As such, as the article does not present a singular view towards the topic of mandatory vaccination, it is not biased and thus proving it to be dependable in the terms of…show more content…
This is because the article meets all the requirements in the form of authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency and coverage besides providing me with the background history of the mandatory vaccination policy, relevant statistics and datas, laws and regulations that is passed in the United States regarding mandatory vaccination and additional infomations regarding the mandatory vaccination policy in the United States. Thus, this article is suitable and is relevant for my needs in completing my research

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