Disadvantages Of Manipur

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HANDICRAFTS OF NORTHEAST INDIA What is the first thing which comes to one’s mind when evoked about North eastern part of India, lush green mountains, tribes dancing on their traditional music wearing the ethic wear, untouched beauty far from the reach of the chaos due to so called development. Very little is known about the north eastern states of India. Also known as the eight sisters, these seven states namely Arunanchal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura together occupies 8% of the India’s total land area and 3.1% of the whole population. Apart from being geographical diverse these states are also known for their closeness to their culture and tradition. Here is an analysis of the tradition…show more content…
The area can be divided into three zones and each zone with its specific art and design. The first one is the region with Buddhist tribes and they are experts in making masks. The second zones is of the Monpas who are pioneers in making carpets, wooden vessels and silver article. The third zone is the southern east part of the state and they are known for weaving daily use articles like shawls, jackets and bags. MANIPUR Manipur literally means jewel land. Manipur is the leading state in India in the area of bamboo handicrafts. Wood carving, embroidery, stone carving and block printing are the other famous handicrafts style of Manipur but cane and bamboo handicrafts are the speciality of the state. Bamboo is used for making furniture, trays, flower vases, ashtrays and bags. Kauna grows in the wetlands of the state and is used for making bags and mats. Textile weaving is known as Laichamphi and is mainly practised by the women. MEGHALAYA Meghalaya is famous for its handicrafts and cottage industry. Some of the handicrafts are weaving, wood carving, cane work, stools, bamboo finish traps, trays and containers. The different tribes of Meghalaya produce their own handicrafts like khasi mats,

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