Disadvantages Of Manure In Agriculture

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Fertilizers have changed throughout history from the use of animal and human feces, to modern nitrogen based products.There are hundreds of varieties of fertilizers designed specifically for each type of crop grown. Fertilizers aren’t a steroid for plant growth but vitamins and nutrients the ground requires to grow a high quality, high yield crop. And if properly applied they are not harmful to the earth’s ecosystems, and are a benefit to the farmer, the land, and the world, for the crops it provides. Farming is mandatory for survival of all living things, and with the great demand, the limited farmable ground, and the small amount of farmers (compared to the amount of people each farmer is supporting) Fertilizers are neccesary to meet…show more content…
Modern farmers all across the globe still use manure that has been upgraded and mixed to make it better for the ecosystem. Manure fertilizer wasn’t always good, it took years of studies, tests and trials to figure out how to make it work properly. Manure is a good source of fertilizer but it also has its disadvantages. Putting fresh manure on a field thats growing crops for human consumption can cause foodborne illnesses. The human and or animal feces could be infected with diseases that would be spread to other animals or humans eating the food. Would these disadvantages stop you from using manure. Studies show that with the rising population the need for food has increased greatly. 40-60% of farmers use fertilizers on their crops to help them not only grow, but add increased production. To meet the needs of the rising populations, higher yields on all crops are a neccessity whether it be fruits and vegetables for human consumption, or grains and forage with high feed values to feed animals for higher quality and quantities of dairy and meat products. Higher yields are only possible with a proper fertilizer, and pesticide program. Without both and field can be completely ruined or only yield a quarter to half its…show more content…
Inorganic fertilizers have components like nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium. All of these can affect the soil. PH levels for plants vary from 0-14, 13 is acidic and 14 is basic. Seven is neutral. All plants are different but each needs a certain level. Years of farming the same land can have a huge impact on the soil and its components and just like humans it needs its vitamins. However at the same time to much fertilizer can change the PH levels and after to long it could make the field ungrowable. Responsible farming practices are a complete must in all decisions whether its fertilizer, crop rotation, weed management, etc. Nitrogen is used everywhere for metabolic processes in plants and animals. Nitrogen greatest need is to form amino acids which are the building blocks for protein. Humans, animals and even plants need a specific amount of protein each day. For humans its 40-70 grams depending on your body type. All animals need a different amount as well as plants. Nitrogen is an excellent resource because its all over our

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