Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marriage Essay

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Marriage is a huge societal norm even today in the 21st century. Families still feel compelled to get their children married so as to not want to face societal ridicule. Marriage is a tradition that has been carried along for so many years. Though it has evolved considerably, the basic meaning of the bond remains the same. It is often the ideal socially accepted form of a sexual relationship that is supposed to culminate into an offspring. Even today, marriage is automatically associated with the expectation that the couple will have a child. This also leads to an understanding that the idea of marriage is essentially that of heterosexual couples coming together. Even today most countries do not identify marriage between same sex relationships. Thus in a way,…show more content…
The entire foundation of marriage and the way it is propagated seem to favour men a lot more than women. Women are expected to give up a lot more to get married. For instance, in my culture, the Telugu Brahmin culture, though women are allowed to work, they often have to find work in the nearby area where the husband works, even if she has a better scope somewhere else. The husband may himself want to move to the wife’s place of work but that is not encouraged.
A woman once married often loses her freedom and sense of identity. In the Indian context, a married woman is recognised by the symbols she wears that include bangles, mangalsutra, bindi, toe ring and other jewellery as well. She may not believe in the significance of these symbols but she is expected to wear them nonetheless as part of tradition. But there are no such symbols for men. Apart from the ring, which is also a western concept, there is no such marker for men. It is almost like the symbols are intended to announce to the world that the woman is taken but the man has no such

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