Disadvantages Of Mass Production

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4.1.2 Weaknesses analysis
Effect of mass production in a short period to agricultural labors
The effect of mass production in fruit industry does not have only positive aspects, but it also lead to negative effects as well For a sample case from ……………, it is been stated that in Chantaburi, Central part of Thailand, the farmers mostly perform fruit farming as occupation, the fruit mentioned includes rambutan, longan, durian. For the past years, fruit plantation still confronts with agricultural problems all times which have a negative effect. The possible reason supporting is that on the particular peak time, all the farmers produce massive quantity of fruits to the market at the same particular period, with a limited time of cultivating. Besides, during that particular period of time, there will be shortage of human resource for fruit cultivation. Therefore, when the period of cultivation is over, the products will be ruined. So, the farmers need to accelerate fruit’s cultivation to be able to deliver product on time and in exact amount as being ordered, which would make the farmers ignore the quality of the products. As the result, the low quality products will be valued in lower price in which effect from lacking of support market for the product. During the massive production period, it makes the fruit’s quantity higher than its actual demand on the market which makes the price of fruit product continually remained low. Through the problems occurred, it can be indicated

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