Mastery Based Learning Assignment Analysis

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You are doing an assignment in class and realize that everyone else is finishing up their work , but you are still on the third question out of fifteen. You don’t want to be the last one to hold up the class, so you rush the final questions, resulting in a bad grade for that classwork assignment. And with the traditional learning model, your overall grade would be brought down after the assignment is posted on PowerSchool. Mastery-based learning, though, was created for the sole purpose of allowing students to go at their own pace so they could fully grasp the knowledge of a topic. Mastery Based Learning is “a teaching method premised on the idea that student progression through a course should be dependent on proficiency as opposed…show more content…
In a Mastery-Based learning class, students take time with their tasks then move forward when they have mastered that one assignment. Educator Jon Bergman states, “In a mastery learning environment, students are expected to learn certain objectives, or competencies, and then they progress when they learn the competency.” (Amerischools 2017). Since the students would be moving on to the next assignment after they have learned it, that would allow them to go at a pace that suits the speed of their learning. Similarly, HSC, an academy that uses the Mastery-Based learning model, claims that,“Students proceed from one assignment to the next, from one unit to the next, from one course to the next, or from one grade to the next when they have mastered the skills and content introduced in their classes.” In order to move on to the next topics, the student must show complete comprehension of the material they are learning. This idea would prevent gaps in the students’ learning since there would have to be some type of evidence of the students knowledge about the objectives. Not only will Mastery-Based Learning allow students to complete their task completely one by one, but it is more individualized than the traditional model, allowing more student progression and better pacing. “An MBL environment is a more individualized approach than a traditional model. Teachers and parents see areas where students are struggling and can provide the timely feedback and support needed to address learning gaps and keep students moving forward.” (CSDE). Since Mastery-Based Learning allows a more individualized driven work ethic, students would avoid gaps in their learning by completing their work at their own personal pace. As a result, with this pacing, students can

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