Disadvantages Of Mathematics

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Mathematics is a subject that is considered as the waterloo of most the students. Most of them unlike Mathematics because of its complexities and they find difficulty in understanding and analyzing it. Educators nowadays think of a way to narrow this barrier. The best minds in mathematics think of ways how to cater this kind of problem without affecting the curriculum and the essence of Mathematics. The government along with the school stakeholders are trying to address this kind of problem.
One of the main features of the K-12 is the delivery of the lessons through Contextualization and Localization. Our 1987 Philippine Constitution clearly stipulates the principle particularly Article XIV Section 14. Likewise the same right is reflected in the DepEd’s Mission.
The delivery
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And knowing leads to prosperity.
Similarly, recent principles and standards (NCTM, 2000), curriculum focal points (NCTM, 2006), and a conceptual framework for curriculum and instruction (NCTM, 2009) published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics accentuate the importance of teaching mathematics in context:

Mathematics should help students understand and operate in the physical and social worlds. They should be able to connect mathematics with a real-world situation through the use of mathematical models. The connections between mathematics and real-world problems developed in mathematical modelling add 3 values to, and provide incentive and context for, studying mathematical topics.
(NCTM, 2009, p. 2)
One cannot deny the practical uses of mathematics in, for example, making wise purchase, measuring distances, finding locations, estimating expenses and anticipating future problems to find solutions early enough, to name a few. (Ogena and Tan, 2006; Formulation of National Learning Strategies in Science and Mathematics Education, Basic Education Reform Agenda, Department of Education)
As E. Baker, Hope, and Karandjeff (2009) point out, contextualization has

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