Disadvantages Of Matrix Structure Essay

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Advantages and disadvantages of Matrix, Boundary-less, and learning organizations With the crazy speed of change in every aspect of our lives thanks to tremendous amount of technological progress and developments, we can also notice these changes made organizations to adapt to the new environment; part of this adaptation is change in the management and structure of the companies. In this essay I am going to analyze the merits and challenges these changes have brought into the structures of organizations. Matrix structure Matrix structure is combination of two types of organizational structure, which includes functional and product based structure. Functional structure divides company’s departments by their functions whereas product or project…show more content…
It is indeed instant saving and the short term negative effects are few therefore the budget for learning in an organization is the biggest cost and challenge to maintain the learning aspect of an organization. Despite the cost of learning, the learning investments should be the first priority of any organization due to its benefits. The continuous improvement of a company depends directly on successful and constant learning aspect of it. A true learning organization always looking up and believe that growth is vital for the survival of organization. This type of organization study their mistakes and avoid repeating them, they know that learning from their past and study other competitors are necessary to identify the areas for improvements. In general a learning organization is very good at producing; transferring, learning and training knowledge and information, and this advantage always keep them innovative and competitive in the market. These organizations are open to criticize and eager to acquire feedbacks. They are also open to new ideas and very quick to adapt to new trends of the
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