Disadvantages Of Media

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From the beginning of the society people were always seeking for social contacts with each other. Looking back from the historical perspective we can definitely say that our civilization has managed to reach the destination and to finally create the society with the strong feeling of belonging to it. In the globalized world we are living in, our relations with other people have become an extremely important aspect of life. In regards to this, we nowadays seek for some ways to present ourselves in the best possible manner. There is even more to say, our social presentation now has become more external and accessible to more people due to the development of Internet and popular social networks. These events have led our communication to the new level and offer numerous possibilities to use in our life. One of the spheres where on which social media have had an impressive effect is the education. It does not matter whether it would be higher or school education. “Amidst technological developments, many higher education institutions (and educators) now find themselves expected to catch up with this world of social media applications and social media users” (Selwyn, 1). This concerns not only the higher education, but also other institutions. Such tendency contributes to the change in the process of education and points out the ways to advance it. However, social media use for students has also proved to have some drawbacks. First of all, speaking about benefits, social media
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