Negatives Of Social Media Analysis

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From the beginning of the society people were always seeking for social contacts with each other. Looking back from the historical perspective we can definitely say that our civilization has managed to reach the destination and to finally create the society with the strong feeling of belonging to it. In the globalized world we are living in, our relations with other people have become an extremely important aspect of life. In regards to this, we nowadays seek for some ways to present ourselves in the best possible manner. There is even more to say, our social presentation now has become more external and accessible to more people due to the development of Internet and popular social networks. These events have led our communication to the new…show more content…
Nowadays, students entering universities and choosing to go in for education have changed their behavior in regards to education and lifestyle in general. Students become more flexible, which can be achieved by the increased availability through the Internet. Students can also function in multitasking mode, which also influences their results in education. They become more self-organized. However, according to Mark Connolly, web services can both seize and fragment attention of the students (Connolly, 1). This reflects the negative side of social media use for education since there exists a large number of distractions on the Internet and sometimes students are simply unable to concentrate on something important. In such way skills needed for critical thinking and intellectual development are lost. Therefore, it is inevitably important to use the means of social media prudently for it to show value in the educational…show more content…
It is nowadays important in the world of business to be engaged online, and students have the possibility to learn how it works. They become specialists in developing their Internet presence, which may appear helpful to them in their professional life and career. They learn how to interact with others and how to use the complex functions suggested by social media in order to succeed. However, in such active use of Internet there is also a shortcoming hidden. This is connected to the security issue. On the one hand, students learn how to cope with the security concerns while using social media. On the other hand, placing personal data available on the Internet can be insecure and dangerous. Today, confidentiality and privacy are reasonably big concerns due to location of much data in online. To reduce the risks of students being hacked, teachers have to teach how to behave correctly and how not to put oneself under the risk of personal data use. In regards to security concerns, there is also a need to make sure that online identities are protected, and that is usually the task of school

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