Disadvantages Of Media

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As social media networks increase, the choice of which social media to use is larger. So taking precautions to determine where to spend resources and time , is wise. Researchers provide a variety of demographic breakdown to analyse these social networking sites, therefore the in-depth finding of these social platform 's users and their frequent use of the networks is surprisingly simple. Facebook has recently grown very popular with online users as a useful social media communication network tool to extend their social networks exponentially by overcoming time and geographic differences. Many of the Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, which in some cases, can go up to multiple times during the day. These online social platforms, such as Facebook, simply cover the basic people desire: the need to stay in touch with others and connect with them. For an individual, social network platforms is a way to be up to date with news and current events besides to fill up spare time or even create their own events and share or invite their friends. People, users of Facebook, can share photos or videos with others. Some users join Facebook because their friends are already on the platform. In addition, they can meet new people or share details of their everyday life. People use Facebook since it is a platform where many funny entertaining contents are shared. According to “Pew Research center”, the percentage of women who use social media network is higher than men.
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