Disadvantages Of Media Management

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Contents: MEDIA/PRESS GUIDE 1 REPRESENTATIVES 1 DROPBOX 2 1. Photo 3 2. Video – Game 3 3. Video – Press 3 PRESS CONFERENCE BEFORE THE MATCH 3 MEDIA WORKING ENVIRONMENT 5 PHOTOGRAPH PRESS PURPOSES 5 FLASH INTERVIEWS AFTER THE MATCH 5 PRESS CONFERENCE AFTER THE MATCH 6 CAMERAMAN 7 Priorities 7 MARKETING PHOTOS UPLOADED 7 Recommandations 7 SEHA – GAZPROM LEAGUE MEDIA TEAM 8 1. Administrator 8 2. Photo and video team 8 3. Supervisor 8 Official website and social networks 8 MEDIA/PRESS GUIDE Media Management is very important field in every organization or federation this days. It is a term used for several related tasks throughout post-production. But in the case of the SEHA – Gzaprom League, also pre-production and production. Member clubs in cooperation with SEHA - Gazprom league are producing all the media materials and place them to official website and social network accounts. Media managing in SEHA - Gazprom League works on two levels. First one is the club level. In order to provide enough material for all media representatives covering matches of the SEHA – Gazprom League as well as for all SEHA – Gazprom League followers, every club needs to complete different tasks (media requirements) prior, during and after the match prescribed from SEHA - Gazprom League. The main obligation is that delegation of clubs have media team consisting of media/press manager, photographer and cameraman. Media/press manager is the head of clubs media team and he is the main connection
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