Disadvantages Of Medical Translation

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Medical translation belongs to Science translation. It needs more knowledge and high level of English language. Therefore, medical translation involves many aspects such as leaflets, medical reports, science books, medical websites, medical journey and medical brochures. There are two types of medical translators: the doctors, and medical translators who have knowledge in the medical field. Some people may think that doctor’s translations are more acceptable than medical translators. But, the researcher thinks that it is not necessary to be a doctor if you want to translate any medical text .As a result, the translators who have a good knowledge in medical field can produce a creative translation Marla O’Neill has the same opinion, she said: “Good medical translation can be done by both medical professionals and medically knowledgeable linguists; but in both cases, love for language, an ear for style, a willingness to pursue arcane terminology, and caring enough to get it exactly right are the keys to true success.” (Montalt and Davies, 2007) So no one is better than other the doctor has more knowledge, but the translator has knowledge in linguistic skills beside the good knowledge of the medical field. 2.3. Medical Terminology: Learning medical terminology is very much like learning a foreign language. You begin by studying the rules of the language, progress to learning words, move on to putting the words together to form sentences, and finally, develop the ability to

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