Disadvantages Of Mexican Americans

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Mexican Americans/Chicanx people in the United States throughout the 20th century have always had disadvantages in the United States. They been fighting oppression, discrimination and equal rights in this country. From establishing a colonial labor system, enforced immigration laws, LAPD police brutality, El Plan de Aztlán, El Plan de Santa Bárbara, and the 1968 walkouts. The history of Chicanx people in this country is huge but is still not really well known by many but thanks to all of the fighting for equal rights that Chicanx people fought for we now have ethnic classes that teaches us about our own history and empower us to keep on fighting for our rights.
All the way back to the industrialization era in the United States, the economy grew and new opportunities of labor became available. Minorities had really hard times, where the development of the colonial labor system had a big impact for Chicanx workers. “A colonial labor system exists where the labor force is segmented along ethnic and/or racial lines, and one or more of the segments is systematically maintained in a subordinate position.” (Barrera, 39), where the system had five aspects of it, the first one starts with “labor repression” which people of color or minorities had to work on particular kind of work, way different of Anglo Americans and if they didn’t then they had no choice but to either work at that industry or have no money. The second one is “dual wage system” where people of color workers had a

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