Steve Jobs: Autocratic Leadership

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Micro management

Micro managers tend to over analyze every detail within his employees work. Micro managers have over reliance on themselves instead of trusting their own employees in handling their own tasks. They are constantly second guessing or undermining the employee’s actions. Micro managers tend to be over bearing on the employees work and practically take full control on the way the employees do their work. Micro management is a good style at the starter level of employment but it is too suffocating for a mid level or higher up employee. It has been said that micro management is a failure of a leadership.

Micro managing can lower the employees morale which makes employees less motivated to work since they know whatever they do
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Autocratic leaders ensure that projects are finished on time and that employee 's follow rules correctly. Some downsides of this type of leadership is that some employees view them as commanding, controlling and dictatorial. Since autocratic leaders make all decisions on their own without feeling the need to consult anyone, employees may dislike that they are unable to contribute ideas. Some autocratic leaders are Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler and also Steve Jobs was considered as an autocratic…show more content…
A transformational leader helps motivate people, becomes a role model for followers, and inspires people to look beyond their self-interest and to raise follower’s interest in the project. Transformational leaders set a more challenging expectations and since they set a high expectation they achieve a higher performance.

Transformational leadership starts with developing the vision, it is a view of what might happen in the future that will excite followers. A leader might develop this. The next step after developing the vision is to sell the vision. Selling a vision is a constant step and it needs a lot of energy. A transformational leader will use every opportunity or chance to convince other people to join his vision. The third step is finding the way forward. There are some transformational leaders that already know the way and they want others to follow them. Then the other types of transformational leaders do not have a ready vision or strategy but it will still be
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