Disadvantages Of Microwaves

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Radiation including radio waves, microwaves, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultra violet, x-ray, and gamma ray are basically called the electromagnetic radiation. Between these electromagnetic radiations, I chose the microwaves in specific to research about. The microwaves have a long region extending from 1000 to 300,000 MHz (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2015). Microwaves are as widely known, used for microwave ovens which are used to cook food. Microwaves have helped mobile phones too by making them more compact by making them be able to use smaller antennas since the microwaves have allowed them to receive more compact waves. Microwaves are also useful because they can be used for traffic speed cameras and radars which are used for various transportations and weather forecasters.

Microwave ovens are used by using microwaves. Inside the microwave oven, there is an object which generates microwaves called a magnetron. After the start switch has been pressed, the magnetron converts the electricity into high powered radio waves. The high temperature makes the food warmer, and the table were the food is put on inside the microwaves turns to make a wider range of the food to get warmer. (Britannica, 2014) Microwaves have a characteristic that they reflect when they hit a metal surface. Because the inside of the microwave oven is metal, the microwaves reflect all around in the microwave to warm up most of all the areas of the food’s surface. (Woodford, 2011) Another common usage
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