Disadvantages Of Military Training

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The job of a soldier is nowhere near a walk in the park. It is difficult to have this job because of the high standards one must reach. In order to be a soldier, one must physically participate in missions around the world to spread peace, or missions to fight for the rights of their country. A soldier is usually a boy aged 16 to 33 years old and must pass his country’s requirements. This job requires one to work 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, and in doing so, one must possess a great ability to work well in a team, as well as interact with the people around him. Despite how harsh other people may think it is, the rigid training of the cadets in the military camp prepares them to face the challenges of war. The training that soldiers undergo challenges their ability and persistence to accomplish and finish all of the given obstacles. The trainings will test their strength and only the ones who pass can undergo full military training. It is not only their physical strength that is measured but also their power to handle harsh criticisms and endless scrutinies from the older cadets. There are different types of trainings that enables the younger cadets to build up their stamina and their confidence. In…show more content…
On the other hand, communicating with their families is a very big part of a soldier’s free time. They don’t get to see or talk to them quite often, so they try to communicate with them once in awhile. If they are not able to communicate with their families, their fellow companions are their support system. They help each other when one is feeling upset, sad, frustrated etc. They work as a team and would not let a fellow member feel alone. No man leaves another in the military. That is why the brotherhood in the military is so strong even through mishaps, because they have forged very strong bonds with one
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