Disadvantages Of Mineral Exploration

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German University of Technology in Oman Mineral Exploration Student’s name: Turkiya Al Zadjali Student ID : 13-0325 Date of submission: January 11, 2015 Table of contents: Page content Page number Front page Page 1 Table of contents Page 2 Introduction Page 3 The stages of Mineral exploration Page 3 and 4 Methods of mineral exploration Page 4 Useful tools in mineral exploration Page4 Disadvantages OF mineral exploration Page 5 Conclusion Page 5 Acknowledgment Page 5 References Page 6 Introduction: Minerals are homogeneous and solid crystalline substances; they are naturally occurring inorganic system. Nowadays, Minerals became one of the most important requirements in the human’s life. And most of these minerals such as copper, gypsum, clay, coal, quartz, mica, calcite and feldspar, has been used in many different areas for example the road and the buildings. It is very important to explore the minerals, As Mr. Speaker said: “mining and mineral exploration have brought significant economic opportunities to our territory such as jobs in the mines and with exploration companies, contracts for planes and helicopters to those mines and exploration sites, and many other spin-off benefits in the purchase of goods and services from northern businesses “(News.exec.gov.nt.ca, 2012). Mineral exploration is a successive methodology of data gathering that surveys the mineral capability of a specific area. The aim of this report is to

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