Disadvantages Of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

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Advantages of mobile ad-hoc network the rapid development in ad-hoc technology is widely used in portable computing such as mobile phone used to access the web services, laptop, and telephone calls when the user are in travelling. The growth of 4G technology enhances anywhere, anytime, anyhow communication in ad-hoc network[7]. The advantages of an ad-hoc networks include the following: • They provide access to information and services regardless of geographic position. • Mobility allows ad-hoc network created on the fly in any situation where there are multiple wireless devices. • Independence from central networks administration. • Self configuring networks, node are also routers. Less expensive as compared to wired network. • Improved Flexibility. • These ad-hoc network can be temporarily set up in any place, at anytime. • Scalable incorporates the addition of more nodes. • Lower getting started costs due to decentralized administration. • Separation from central network administration. • Self healing through continuous re-configuration. • The node in ad-hoc network need not rely on any software and hardware. So it can be connected and communicated quickly[6][7]. 1.4 CHARACTERISTICS OF MOBILE AD-HOC NETWORK 1.4.1 Multi-Hop Routing: When a node tries to send information to other node which is out of its communication range, the packet should be forwarded via one or more intermediate node[3]. 1.4.2 Autonomous and Infrastructure Less: Each node operates in distributed

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