Disadvantages Of Mobile Commerce

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Besides E-Commerce and online selling which is so popular nowadays, another interesting channel of selling stuffs online that has been continually growing is to sell via mobile phones or tablets, called M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce). As the number of smart phone users and internet using is growing rapidly, also the use of those devices is so easy. It is no doubt why shopping online, especially, via handheld devices is ชชช

What is M-Commerce?

M-Commerce or Mobile-Commerce is the use of mobile, wireless devices, to place orders and conduct business. M-commerce relies on wireless communications that managers and corporations use to place orders and conduct business with handheld computers, portable phones, laptop computers connected to a network, and other mobile devices. The range of devices that are enabled for mobile commerce includes smartphone and tablets. For instances, Apple Pay and Android Pay allow customers to either purchase at stores or in mobile commerce applications. Doing financial transaction via mobile banking applications which facilitates users to transfer money and make payments wherever and whenever users like to. Booking hotel rooms, buying plane or train tickets, or reserving tables in restaurant can all be done through online applications on smart portable devices. Mobile commerce has also accelerated through other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Taobao. Many of those company mentioned launched “buy”
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