Disadvantages Of Mobile Learning

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There are many methods that can be used to learn, namely; face-to-face, blended, distance, electronic, online and mobile learning (Mohseni, 2014). In this section we will focus mainly on mobile learning as it is supported by mobile devices such as the Tablet PC. The other methods will be discussed later in the next chapter dealing with technology.
Mobile learning known as m-learning refers to the capability to seamlessly deliver a wide array of educational content at any place, any moment and on demand using personal mobile computing devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices (Valk, Rashid & Elder, 2010). The use of mobile learning increasingly became common in the 20th century with the introduction of tablet computers (Guy, 2009).
A project at Birmingham United was initiated with the idea that students should have access to learning whenever and wherever they wanted (Educational App Store, 2014). However, mobile learning has a risk of causing disruptions to students’ personal and academic lives, does not allow for realistic practice in a classroom setting (Team, 2012). Other challenges associated with mobile learning in countries like Ghana include high installation costs, repair and maintenance of facilities, hardware and software upgrades, resistance to change by students, lack of infrastructure and funds to support full access to the service (Asabere, 2013; Mapadga, 2014).
Mobile learning presents students and

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