Disadvantages Of Mobile Learning

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lthough most students would generally agree that the traditional way of learning is the best way of education, on the other hand, there is no doubt that some other students and I for instance, would disagree. Over the years, some people spent most of their time trying to develop more and more ways of learning to make it easier and more comfortable for students who are incapable of pursuing education through the traditional ways, whether for having some disabilities or tied up to some kind of commitment, and there is no denying that students are very pleased with this. Therefore, some famous universities are starting to adapt with some of the new ways. For example, one of the many new incredible ways is M-learning (Mobile learning). It is probably the most modern style of all, and I am convinced it is going to give the students their best chances to continue education. So, what is mobile learning? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this huge evolution in education? Most importantly, what is the impact on the students? Mobile learning is the definition of having the ability to obtain the educational contents on some personal devices, namely smartphones or mobile phones. The content is digital learning assets, which help the students during their educational journey. What makes mobile learning so special is the essence of it, which are the mobile phones that are used, as well as combining learning with technology and the information age we are living in
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