Disadvantages Of Modern Technology

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Technology is a reality in our world. It’s not going away, nor should it. Technology has done so many fabulous things, with the top of the list being lengthening our lives so we can individually explored, experiment and create for longer periods of time. As we can see, technology has their own advantages and disadvantages which can bring people to the dark future neither nor bright and great future. Technology was created with one mission that is helps to easy the human’s life. For me, I’m agreed but at the same time I’m disagreed with the statement that people’s depend on technology can affect creativity and communication. In easy words it’s all depends on us. Plus, with the great and modern technology that we have today, surely people will really depend on it. As we are getting older and older and getting bored day by day so, technology will become our partner or shall I said our best friend to complete our beauty life. But at the same time technology also a great choice to improve our lives. So, technology has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of technology that playing a major effect in our lives is it increased loneliness. Social Isolation is on the increase, each day and everyday people will spend their useful time just to playthe video games, learning how to use new modern technologies, using social networks and lastly they tend to neglect their real life and lack of communication with other people. Thanks to technology, the world
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