Disadvantages Of Movies In Movies

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Teens who watch a lot of movies showing alcohol or smoking are more likely to start drinking or smoking. The findings of showing alcohol in movies suggest that product placements for alcohol should be restricted , just as it is for tobacco. The studies of smoking in movies found that teens who were most exposed to seeing cigarettes in movies were more likely to have tried a cigarette than those least exposed and were also more likely to be current smokers.(Thoms, 2012)
Researcher Kristen Harrison’s studies find out that scary movies can have short and long term damages on teens. Result shows that scary movies can cause sleep difficulties and continual avoidance of events shown in movies.(Coconi, “n.d.”)
The Advantages of movies on teens Movies teach teens. They show them history, culture, science, technology, politics and more. They are not confined to one region; they educate geographical regions across different time lines. They give idea about and past and present and future. In fact it helps education with giving information. So teens remember information for a long time if they saw it visually. Also there is no need to know writhing or reading to understand what is shown in movies, which means uneducated people also can learn about different sciences from
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