Disadvantages Of Moving To The Us

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I grew up in a small country in Central America named El Salvador. As a kid I dreamed of moving to the U.S because my father was over there working, also because it looked beautiful in the movies and I wanted to see the tall buildings that rose above the clouds. But my way of thinking still had not developed enough to be able to understand the real reason people move to the U.S and the effects it had on the country. Two reasons people move to the U.S are freedom and education; two effects are diversity and competition.
First reason people move to the U.S is freedom. People in other countries are victims of unfair treatment by their government or law enforcement. They also suffer from poverty and violence which is why they seek a better life, perhaps not only for themselves but also for their future children. Seeing that the U.S is portrayed to be best country in the world, people see it as their way out to a safer place and will risk their lives to get there. For example crossing
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Often taken for granted, education serves as a base in the ladder of success. People living in other countries, that do not offer free education, are able to see how powerful knowledge is. This realization transforms into a goal, which is taking full advantage of the free education offered and also the many grants and scholarships handed out specifically to students of immigrant families. Children living in underdeveloped countries usually share the same dream of attending a school that has everything they need such as desks, paper, pencils, updated textbooks, a board, and even a lunch. There have been many students that come to the U.S from countries that are unable to provide the same level of education as the U.S and become successful by taking advantage of the opportunities given to them. This is why education is very important to immigrants because it not only makes it possible to have a successful life but also grants them
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