Disadvantages Of Multicultural Organisations

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Introduction:- Human resource management plays a vital role as it carries out many important decisions of an organisation for example in recruiting new employees, assigning duties to the employees, training of the employees, and most importantly it helps in developing the organisational policy. Human resource management has an important role in the success of a following organisation. Human resource management works in the favour of both the organisation as well as the workers employed by the organisation. HRM ensures that the workers are properly treated by the following managers of different departments of the organisation; if not then the HR management gets involve and resolves the issue. HR management also motivates the workforce in order to maximise profits and production of the organisation. However organisation policy is described as the policy of present and future social and public settlements. Whereas Multicultural organisations are those organizations in which the workforce is not only from the same culture, religion, whereas it is an organisation where the workforce is from different backgrounds, culture and religion. Maybe this type of workforce is minor in number but they are well integrated on all the levels of the company, comprising of management and executive positions. Multicultural organisations are tending to be more successful as the company comprises of workforce from other countries who have more knowledge and skills. The

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