Disadvantages Of Nail Art

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Women have been painting their nails for years and years, but now traditional nail polish is not the only polish on the shelf. There are three types of nail art that women can choose from to make their nails look photo ready, they include: nail acrylics, regular nail polish, and gel polish. Some types of nail art are better than others but they both have their pros and cons. Women of course have their own preferences. Gel nail art is the best option because they are healthier, long lasting, and can easily be done at home. Gel nails are healthier than the other types of nail art because they apply a layer of protection to the nail. Acrylic extensions are usually suitable for nails that are weak and brittle. The best benefit of acrylic nails…show more content…
Although the gel polishes and UV lamp are more expensive than acrylic extensions and traditional nail polish bottles, in the long run they are very cheap since gel nails are long lasting. Gel nails have an extremely fast “drying time”. One coat can take anywhere from ten to sixty seconds to cure depending on the lamp setting. Unlike traditional polish, gel polishes do not smudge as long as the previous coat is cured before the next. According to some, women who wear nail polish, especially gel nail polish, tend to have faster growth rates for their nails. Gel manicures add a thick layer of protection that prevents women from biting, cutting, and help prevent against the breakage of the nail. Without cons this type of nail art would be too good to be true. The pros of smudge-free, long lasting, gorgeous nails come with some sort of string attached. The UV lamps uses can cause the skin on the hands to age, and could potentially lead to the development of skin-cancer cells. If one wishes to remove the gel polish rather than waiting for it to come off on its own, it can be done but causes damage to the nail. In order to remove the gel, the nail must be soaked for a minimum of 10 minutes in acetone to dissolve the polish. Once soaked and wrapped, the remainder of the nail polish must be either filed or chipped off of the nail. The struggle to find the perfect nail art is

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