Disadvantages Of Nationalism

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EDUCATION AND NATIONALISM: - In this book education describe the key component of nationalism. Because of the importance of education almost every Muslim leader emphasised on education. One of the Muslim leaders Sir Syed Ahmed Khan started the educational movement for the Muslims of Sub-continent. Aligarh Movement and its institutions were the symbol of Muslim nationalism in education sector Aligarh. They knew that without education it is very difficult for Muslim of Sub-Continent to achieve freedom. Muslim of India used education as a tool of freedom. Without education they did not understand the political tricks of British and Hindus and if they were not education they could easily trap by the Hindus and British. Nation awaking follows education awaking. With the help of education Muslim of India knew their rights and demand freedom. In India Hindus and British worked in major official posts and Muslim were not achieved this position without education. Indian Muslim achieved dominant position only with the help of education. So education is a very necessary component for freedom.
CONGRESS RADICALISM AND BRITISH IGNORANCE: - The other component that exploded the Muslim nationalism is congress radical and British ignorance. Congress showed its nationalism in every field of life. Congress opposed the separate electors and partition of Bengal and many other schemes that go to the favour of Indian Muslims. Infact Congress imposed their ideology on Muslim
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