Disadvantages Of New Media

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New Media can be said to be an improved version of old media that is to say that it is anything related to digital technology and internet. New media makes it possible for anyone who uses a computer or mobile device with Internet access. New media examples are blogs, widgets and social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many others which people use to distribute information and opinions. New media has a lot of impact on people as gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge by blogging, microblogging, and social networks and web streaming, it internet to form and share content with others, using simple tools that are often free or cheap. It requires gives people a chance to enjoy entertainment news, games and many other activities in the comfort of their homes. New media connects people globally and makes flow of information easy as people media accounts, texting and driving which is the most cause of road accidents and Cyber bullying because for example anyone can be the media in the internet and publish whatever they want to publish without examining whether the information is newsworthy or is it acceptable can access social networks anywhere and at any given time. Social media allows people to network.
Although new media has made communication easily accessible and cheaper it has some bad influences too, it has affected the way we communicate people nowadays prefer to communicate through social media instead of facially, it has also deprived us
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