Disadvantages Of Newspaper Essay

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The introduction and domestication of the Charter of the United Nations expanded the ambit of international Human Rights more than what was conceived as Human rights throughout the long history of Human rights. Human rights can be traced to centuries back; the signing of the United Nation Charter on Human rights put all signatory states on record to be a support for the Human rights norm and to assist in its protection. Those in support of the Human right movement strongly believed the main objectives of all the instruments of Human rights can never came into fruition without a conscious effort on the part of signatory states to educate the people on what Human rights is all about to achieve the popular support for its protection and putting an end to violations of the
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Radio: It is a medium with audio transmission only. It enjoys a wide range of local acceptance, low cost, economical and easily movable. Main limitations is selected audience and radiation effect.

Newspapers: most widely read mass media, usually published daily or weekly. It can reach a wider audience, contains educative columns which may feature governance, politics, economy, money market and even matters relating to Human rights issues. Newspaper helps in forming public opinion, providing first hand information and updating the citizen about current government policies. With the emergence of internet which updates every nanosecond, it has reduced the popularity of newspaper. Its main disadvantages include: short life and may be expensive for an average Nigerian.?
? Magazines: They are a visual medium "masivo-selectivo (Mass selected)" because they target specialized audiences, but on a massive scale. Their main advantages are: geographical selectivity and high demographic;?credibility and prestige;?high quality reproduction;?several readers the same exemplary physical and long life. Its limitations are: high

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