Disadvantages Of Observation

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Observation Observation is the factor attainment of information from a fundamental basis. Observation uses the personnel. In Observation we can observe the employees work productivity and can measure how effective way they are working. Advantages: 1. Very prompt system for social event data or information – best for the examination of human behavior. 2. Data accumulated is particularly exact in nature besides to a great extremely robust. 3. Improves precision of the investigation results. 4. Problem of depending upon respondents is decreased. 5. Observation is less asking for in nature, which makes it less inclination in satisfying desires limits. Disadvantages: 1. Having no other decision one needs to depend on upon the reports available. 2. Observations like the controlled observations oblige some specific instruments or gadgets for compelling gathering desires, which are truly extreme. 3. One can 't inspect thoughts by this suggests. 4. Observation incorporates a huge amount of time as one needs to hold up for an event to happen to study that particular event. 5. Attitudes can 't be focused on with the aid of observations. 6. Sampling can 't be brought into usage. 7. Problems of the past can 't be analyzed by system for discernment. Training Audit Training review is an self-governing, objective confirmation and directing expansion expected to integrate and upgrade an association operations. It helps an association accomplishing its goals by bringing a
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