Disadvantages Of Observation

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In the school: As it’s mentioned before observation is one of the most important aspects in education. Teacher should make a habit of observing students. Observe how they enter the class, how they talk their peers, how they do the class work, and how they act in the playground. Observation can tell lot about a student. We as second parents to them, we actually shape their future. We can only do that by observing. Observe the students, if we find something wrong, ask around and help the students. Advantages of observation: * Observation is methods of collecting data or information. * Improve research results. * Understand the verbal answer. * Identify the problems. Dis advantages of observation: 1. It’s a process cannot be done in one day. It takes days and sometime years. 2. Observation on many things, not just focusing on one 3. Through observation particular problem cannot be analyzed 4. Student attitudes could not be studied with the help of observations. 5. We cannot get the complete answer through observation alone. Suggestion: As we have few students, we don’t necessarily keep recordings unless it is very important. We share everything with the parents what we are learning from the students. I would suggest the top management to keep the recording as it is very important for the student and teachers for future reference. Teachers understanding of child development, including both the biological and how they live at home, how they see other people. cultural aspects,

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