Disadvantages Of Online Education

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Over the year’s the educational environment has changed tremendously, with the introduction of the internet, universities have changed the way they deliver lessons. Globalisation has opened up new markets, and many institutions have extended the recruit territories to offer a variety of programs to students around the world. Many schools have achieved this goal through e-learning. Although online education is challenging for both the students and instructors, it offer has a variety of benefits.
E-learning has grown tremendously, and the introduction of the internet has added rigor to academics. Before the web, education was conducted in the traditional classroom. However, a few universities offered distance learning and computer-based education
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Due to the unique nature of the class, students can study and work which give them the opportunity to apply what they learn to their workplace and at the same time share some of the challenges with classmates. In other words, the student is educated in the field which increases competency and self-esteem at work. Similarly, the student to not have to leave their families while studying which allows them to know that they have social support amidst their education. Conversely, although full-time students take a short time to complete their studies, they are prohibited from working meaning they lose time and money while at school. Besides, studying away from the family means students alike to get home sick resulting in decreased…show more content…
Although students may be interested in taking, the lack of motivation to continue and the lack of time to study leads to dropping out of a program (Kyong-Jee, 2004). Since students have to work, study and take care of family this takes a toll on them and results in a lack of time and hence failure to complete the program. Many researchers cite motivation as an important determinant in the completion of online courses. Although student the responsibility of maintaining motivation, universities should be accountable for ensuring that the students stay motivated to reduce the dropout rates (Kyong-Jee,
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