Disadvantages Of Online Learning

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Thanks to the advancement of technology, online learning has catalyzed changes to the roles and functions of students, teachers, the curriculum and the educational institutions. However, online education is effective or ineffective is still a topic of controversy. Leslie Bowman (2010) demonstrates that there are three fundamental kinds of online classes: independent study courses, synchronous courses, and asynchronous courses. In spite of its prevalence all over the world, many people hesitate over whether or not to learn at a distance as a primary education method. In order to help learners draw a determinable comparison so that they will be able to reconsider a best way for gaining substantial knowledge. There are decisive advantages that give online course priority over others because of its cost, flexibility, and participation.

Cost is one of the substantial factors for most students who reach a decision on pursuing distance learning. Whether the online education or traditional education, the price can vary greatly depending on a student’s course of study and the educational institution learners attend. However, to unaffordable students having to struggle for making both ends meet, online learning allows them to save the considerably vast amount of money for another expenses. For example, Gigi Stone, Jennifer Pirone, and Suzanne Paxton (2008) observe that there are about 400 students at Syracuse University in danger of school dropout due to high tuition costs. In
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