Disadvantages Of Online Recruitment

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Online Recruitment/ E- recruitment
Besides that, Emart Xpress Sdn Bhd also use online recruitment to recruit new employee to join the organization. Online recruitment is also refers to e- recruitment. E-recruitment defines as the process to recruit the new employee in order to fill the vacant position in the organization via internet (Gairola & Hada, 2015). Online recruitment can use the technology to improve the process of recruitment. This is because the organization can use this method to advertising job vacancy attractively to attract and recruit targeted skillful employee. The e-recruitment can assist organization to save cost and time compare to traditional recruitment methods.
The first advantage of using e- recruitment is inexpensive way to advertise the job opening. The job applicants can simply identify different levels and type of job through the organization official website such as post for management level. This approach is useful to reduce cost and valuable time for recruitment and administration. For example, Emart Xpress Sdn Bhd had placed some attractive advertisement on their official website. According to Miss Ellen Lay, the organization chooses e- recruitment to attract new employees due to the financial factor. The expenses for the online job advertisement is cheaper than the printed media, employment agencies, headhunters and other traditional recruitment and selection method. This not only can save the advertisement cost but also can attract the job

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