Disadvantages Of Operation Management

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Introduction Controls of operation management will bring a lot of advantages to Syarikat TechnoMart. It is the activity of managing the resources which are devoted to management and improvement of services and products. Therefore, the design, management and improvement of service, products and processes and supply chains will be involved as well. Operation controls are very important for an organization, whatever be the controls, database management system, in the application and operating system. Operation management is considered as the engine of the Information System in an organization because it will lead the organization towards fulfilling objective of business. Although the tasks that operation management performed is very straightforward…show more content…
In an organization, there must has a main application system used to manage the entire organization daily transaction and used for accounting, financing, reporting and etc. Computer operation involve starting the program, managing output devices like printer, observing the information processing facility for unauthorized entry, backup and restore, and routine health checkup of the printer, scanner, servers, router and firewall, etc. All these operation could be undertaken centrally or at distributed locations, depending on the application and organization architecture. For the centralized operation, the operation cost would be comparatively less due to economies of scale. It is convenient and easy to manage because all the troubleshooting it can be done centrally. IT expertise can easier to implement security and group policy and to have effective management information system. For example, the print server, it can be configured in the server and deploy the network printer to each client PC instead of setup network printer on client one by one. Therefore, Management control will be more effective over the centralized operation because it will be confined to one location. Server can used to monitor each of the computers condition of hardware like temperature, failure message, I/O error and etc. All these information will be used for hardware maintenance before it is…show more content…
In the network environment, network control play an important role because it provides the ability for ever larger number of computer users to communicate, sharing data and processing, in both local and regional offices and in vast global networks. Especially internet is probably one of the greatest inventions of the century. It allow us to get faster communication, information resources, entertainment, social networking and even more. Organizations connected to the internet to other public networks is must to have an electronic firewall to insulate their intranet from outside intruders. A firewall is a system that enforces access control between two or above networks. Only authorized traffic between the organization and the outside, as formal security policy specifies, is allowed to pass through the firewall. As LANs become the platform for mission-critical applications and data, proprietary information, customer data, and financial records are at risk. Organizations connected to their customers and business partners via the Internet are particularly exposed. Without adequate protection, organization open their doors to computer hackers, thieves, vandals, and industrial spies both internally and from around the

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