Disadvantages Of Organic Farming

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Not all things are always positive there would still be the opposite effect.This paper talks about the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming. The author hopes that he can help you on deciding either go organic or not.
Now that people are into healthier lifestyle and environment, more consumers are changing their eating habits into eating organic crops. Today, the global market for organic produce amounts to billions of dollars, which means it has high demand. It also promotes productivity in the ecosystem and is also said to promote animal welfare and water conservation (Green Garage, 2015).
It is a form of agriculture that uses different techniques which includes green manure, biological pest control, crop rotation and tillage which does not use chemical based products. The crops grown at these are all natural, farms are treated with care to make sure that the food is safe for the consumer and the farmer.

The farming process or methods relies on natural elements, repellents, and hard manual labor. This way of farming promotes healthy living and a better ecosystem for today’s and tomorrow’s world.
With the fact that organic farming is popular nowadays many consumers and farmers are into it. There are also critics and against the organic farming. To have a better understanding about the issue, this paper will state some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with organic farming.
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What are the advantages of Organic Farming?

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