Disadvantages Of Organic Farming

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Natural and organic farming has been the present craze all over the world nowadays, this is due to the proliferation of new diseases that are borne out of the chemicals that are being induced to human food. Recent agricultural inventions were also invented due to growing problem about waste disposal especially in the highly urbanized societies around the world. In Asian countries for example where Rice is a staple food rice hull, rice bran and rice straws are of gargantuan quantities thus agricultural scientists developed different ways to utilize this wastes by carbonizing rice hull. Carbonized Rice Hull or CRH nowadays is being utilized as soil ameliorant, fertilizer to correct soil ph, water filter and deodorizer especially in livestock production. The agriculture society is now in a global campaign to go back to old ways of farming while introducing revolutionary techniques in livestock, vegetable and fertilizer production using only natural and organic inputs that are beneficial to human health and with less impact to the environment. Japan, Israel, Thailand, USA, Australia, New Zealand and other well-developed countries are leading the campaign to use Natural and Organic farming. One example of Japanese discovery is the Bokashi Naturally Fermented Organic Fertilizer. BOKASHI is a Japanese word meaning fermented organic matter with EM technology. EM-1 has 3 principal microorganisms such as Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast Phototropic (photosynthetic) microorganisms Lactic
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