Disadvantages Of Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture of a company can represent its own value. The culture not only represents the values of the company but influence the morale and performance of the staff. In this essay, I would like to have a deep study about the relationship of the organization culture and the overall performance of a firm. I want to find out what benefits and downsides will be caused by innovative organizational culture. After reading this paper, I hope you can learn more about the real effects of the organization culture, not only the theory learned during the lesson. To do this essay, I find the theory of organizational culture and try to apply it to the real-life example I am going to study. In this essay, I would like to state the major concepts first. Next, I will talk about the theory and the advantages and disadvantages of innovative organizational culture. Then, apply them to the case. Finally, give an analysis and conclusion.

To commence with, let me dine what is organizational culture. According to Ravasi and Schultz (2006), organizational culture is a ‘set of shared assumptions that guide what happens in organizations by defining appropriate behavior for various situations.’ The culture is known by all people existing in the company and they will treat the culture as their norm to think and complete their tasks. Also, the company will use this culture to teach the new-blood. To be simple, the organizational culture will affect all the staff, from a CEO to a secretary,
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