Disadvantages Of Outdoor Advertising

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Abstract Rationale outside publicizing is approximately characterized as any promoting message which achieves a group of people when they are out-of-home. It is the last genuine show medium - you can 't quit a notice battle, change diverts or kill - any individual who goes out is presented to the publicizing message with a notice crusade out door advertisement, promotion is critical consider achievement of an association in light of the fact that. • Its a Constant indication of your message as the year progressed (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) • Sustains name and picture mindfulness can 't be killed, tuned-out or set aside • Designs that catch and keep up a pursuer’s consideration • Serves as a directional aide for potential…show more content…
It has wide range of sizes and therefore has a great effect on consumers’ perception. Excluding their nature of charm, realism and fascination; outdoor advertisements are striking due to use of colorful and illuminated signboards. B. It can be used over the long term and in different season and weather conditions, in accordance with developing technology. C. It also stands in the same place for days and reminds the existing or potential customers of products or services. It enables reinforcement on consumers with its sizes, charming colors, interesting fictions and messages. Outdoor advertisements also have some disadvantages which can be summarized as follows (Jefkins, 1984, p.214): D. It constrains the opportunity to give detailed messages since it uses large font sizes so as to be visible and readable by moving people or people in traveling cars. Panels and text might deteriorate, tear, and accordingly become unreadable due to blizzards, rain and hot weather. Inadequate or inappropriate lighting also causes advertising text to be unreadable. None of communication mediums can be directly replaced by another because television, print media and others which have different effects. However, all types of media are viewed as a result of a cost or effort. In other words, apart from outdoor advertisements, all other forms of advertising are viewed by consumers of their own…show more content…
In 1975 and 1982, in researches guided by open –air institution, it is concluded that the importance of outdoor advertising on the subject of recognition and recollective of brands is gradually increasing (Whitehall, Tinkham and Tinkham 1990: 50). In their studies, Shao and Herbig (1995, p.71) stated that tools of outdoor advertising such as billboards (bulletin board-poster panels) are often used in China and that as Chinese use mass communications and bicycles in transport, they are exposed to outdoor advertisements every day. They reported that the reason behind this exposure is that the charges for outdoor advertisements are relatively cheap and these advertisements have a long-term usage when compared to the other advertisement tools. Woodside claim that in his research outdoor advertising not only increase the rate of buying ,in order to increase sales ,the outdoor advertising should be presented in areas where pedestrian traffic are heavy (Woodside 1990:

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