Disadvantages Of Overpopulation

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Name: Ansa Sohail
Instructor: Mam Bushra Jabeen
Course: “Pakistan Studies”
Major: Media Studies
Semester: 2
Date of
Submission: April13, 2016
Day of
Submission: Wednesday

Overpopulation / Population Explosion in Pakistan Over Population is the major problem that hinders socio- economic development of Pakistan. Over population rate of Pakistan is more than 2% per annum. People don’t even get the basic necessities of life. They are
Unable to meet the both ends meet. They are not provided with jobs due to over population. Unbalanced growth rate is the main cause of over population. Most of the people living in rural areas
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Lack of Knowledge and Awareness: People of Pakistan are even unaware of their rights and knowledge. They don’t have any knowledge of what is happening all across the world.
Following points show the unaware attitude of people:

• Parents are unaware of the disadvantages of overpopulation

• Earning is given priority to fulfill their needs and basic facilities.

• Adult literacy programs are not effective at all which provides effective information of controlling high population rate.

• People believe that giving birth to more children will bring more income for them.

• People are unaware of family planning.

2. Conservativeness: ‘Conservativeness’ means backwardness. This factor of
Conservativeness is considered as a biggest hindrance towards the high birth rate of Pakistan. The main reason is that people living here are not accepting news things and ideas. They are unaware of the term “revolution”. Majority of the population is conservative and resists change. Wrong Interpretation of religion is also the main cause. They are not adopting the new and revolutionary standards of education. Women are not allowed to acquire higher education due to the narrow outlook of people. They are considered as a burden on them. So, they get married at an early
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Early Marriages:
The major reason for high population rate in Pakistan is the early marriages especially of girls.
In Pakistan, most of the girls of the rural areas and the interior areas of Pakistan are getting married at a very early age in which they were supposed to acquire education due to the reason that most of the people consider girls as a burden on them.
4. Low per capita income:
Low per capita income is also the cause of overpopulation in Pakistan. Per capita

Income of Pakistan is not more than $1513 per annum (according to the recent survey).

5. Unemployment:
Most of the people are unemployed which effects the population rate. Overpopulation is caused due to the problem of unemployment. People are not provided with the jobs equivalent to their degree and education.

6. Cultural Reasons:
• Early Marriages- found and observed mostly in the interior areas of Pakistan.
• Joint Family System.
• Desire for the male child.
• Male-Oriented Society- Pakistani society is male dominated. Everything is initiated by the male.
Conventionally, we believe I joint family system. Majority of the people are illiterate. Having more children will have a negative effect on them, their family, society and finally the whole
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