Disadvantages Of Paranoia

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Disclaimer: This article is not going to be serious, but after you finish reading it, you will understand why recruiters are paranoid beings, why we sometimes act strange, and you will find out why it’s not our fault! And if you are recruiter reading this article, do not take this article personally. It’s all in good fun. “In this world only the paranoid survive.” ― Dean Koontz There are two types of recruiters out there: recruiters working for staffing agencies (including headhunters/freelancers) and recruiters working for companies. Their state of paranoia is very similar but there are a few slight differences. Agency Recruiter Most recruiters around me start in agencies. This is where you learn more about the field. It’s also where you…show more content…
It will affect your pipeline and time to fill, because if you have “gut feeling” that at the end the candidate is not going to join your company, you are not going to stop your search. You will continue to build a strong pipeline so you don’t have to start the search from the scratch when the candidate calls you with the bad news that you already know. The longer you spend in recruitment, the less you say to your colleagues “I never saw it coming” and the more you say “I told you so.” In our life, we are candidates many times and as candidates we should be honest with our recruiters and not make them more paranoid. If you have more offers, if you are not sure if this is the right job for you, etc., do not be afraid to speak up. Call and tell your recruiter the truth about what is going on. As a recruiter, we will really appreciate if you are honest with us and I am pretty sure that most recruiters will understand. Some of them (especially if they are expecting a big commission) will try to push, but I hope that most of the recruiters on the market are professionals and will act as professionals. We understand that when we are going to look for a job, you could be the person sitting on the other side of the table and interviewing us. Be sure that you leave a good impression on that candidate so karma doesn’t bite

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