Disadvantages Of Parasitic Computing

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ABSTRACT ABOUT THE TERM PAPER (PARASITIC COMPUTING) The paper takes a look at the ethical issues of parasitic computing and suggest a look into the present workings of the internet of the TCP/IP by converting the internet into a distributed computer. A brief description on how parasitic computing gives the ease to one’s computer to get the results of various complex computations done on another computer/pc at once by acting as a node for the initial one. On an ordinary computer we can get results on it which are capable to be performed via super computers and all that through “parasitic computing”. Use of the concept and some simple demonstrations related to the topic has been illustrated. Some confusions and myths about parasitic computing…show more content…
In this model known as “parasitic computing” one machine forces target computers to solve a set of a complex computational problem merely by engaging them in healthy communication. As a result the targeted computers are unknown of being targeted and they had performed computation for the benefit of a commanding node. As experimental evidences of principle of parasitic computing, the programmers extracted the strength of different observers across the world which unknown to them work together to solve on NP complete…show more content…
May be we have signed up to participate in SETI@ home, a program a program that harnesses the distributed computing power of volunteer PCs to look for radio signals from space. If so, you have downloaded special software. But a new kind of Internet-based distributed computing described today in nature can use our personal computer without our knowledge or consent. Parasitic computing as its creators call it, relies on the normal communication going on between webserver to solve out many pieces of a complex problem at the same time. Or we can say that trust relationship is broken. Violates certain laws emphasised by TCP (transmission control protocol), IP (internet protocol). Creates a platform for one’s personal computer for various parasitic or very suspicious activities by targeting some other person’s computer. Parasitic computing exploits protocols in order to do computations within the communication infrastructure between server and

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