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There are various studies that have been conducted which point out multiple benefits of exercise on humans both psychologically and physically. This, however, is a very broad statement as there are various different physical and mental benefits of exercise. With this in mind, the exact benefits can be researched taking into consideration the amount of exercise one gets etc. Furthermore, the type of exercise that one gets can contribute towards these benefits as well as possible disadvantages, therefore this research will be focussing on the benefits of partaking is sport particularly in High School. Through experience, I can boldly say that there are more than just physical and mental benefits of exercise, there
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In Source A, the author (whose name isn’t stated) draws on the fact that sport impacts society and not just the people who participate in sports. “Sport programmes aimed at youths at risk of criminal behaviour can enhance self-esteem and reduce reoffending, studies have found. Some research indicates sport is most effective in this field as part of wider development programmes” ( 2014). According to research done by an organisation called Kickz, it was found that, due to the implementation of an organisation which promotes inclusivity in sports for teenagers, crime can be reduced within a community. Kickz is a national programme in the UK which uses football to engage 12-to-18-year-olds in deprived areas. It delivers sport coaching plus workshops on topics such as drug awareness and healthy eating. In one location for Kickz in North London, youth crime dropped from 2,529 incidents in the year before Kickz started, to 867 in the third year of the programme. 20% of this reduced crime is attributable to Kickz. Comparing the costs of delivering Kickz with the financial savings from the attributable reduction in crime gives a social return on investment of £7.35 for every £1 invested. Social return on investment is about measuring value beyond what can be captured in financial terms - it…show more content…
Exercise reduces the levels of stress hormones in one’s body, such as adrenaline and cortisol. At the same time, it stimulates production of endorphins, which are natural mood lifters that can help keep stress and depression at bay. Endorphins may even leave one feeling more relaxed and optimistic after a hard workout on the sports field. Team sports in particular provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves one’s fitness. Regular physical activity helps keep one’s key mental skills sharp as one age, including thinking, learning, and using good judgment. Research has shown that doing a mix of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, which are common to most sports, three to five times a week for at least 30 minutes, can provide these mental health benefits. Sports and other forms of physical activity improve the quality of one’s sleep, helping one to fall asleep faster and deepen one’s sleep. Sleeping better can improve one’s mental outlook and ability the next day, as well as improve one’s mood. Healthline is a well established online medium that focuses heavily on medical aspects, and thus the editorial team (the composers of Source C) would be highly experienced and educated regarding the topic at hand. Thus, making source C useful in a sense that it was extracted from a reliable and accurate
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